Our profile

Intercontinental Aero Leasing "IAL" is an all-air cargo operator in order to provide an alternative option on the ACMI - aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance - wet lease market and the full charter market.

The fleet consists of two Boeing 747-200F and Mc Donnell Douglas DC8 aircraft. We cover the 45 tons pay load long range market with our DC8 - 73F.
Furthermore we also cover the 100 tons long range market with our Boeings B747-200F.

Our mission

We offer you our expertise in air freight and network to help you transport your goods and commodities to destinations covering the South American, African, Middle East, Eurasian and Asian Regions. IAL is dedicated to meet current and future demands to deliver a reliable and secure service as planned.

Our experience in the sector, passion for the domain, and size of our company makes IAL a group of determined and flexible professionals.